What I'm Up To

I'm a research lawyer with the Law Commission of Ontario, currently overseeing a law reform project on palliative and end-of-life care. Check out the provincial discussion paper just released, or some of the Commission's other nifty projects.

Last year I helped Legal Aid Ontario launch their first province-wide Mental Health Strategy . It's to make legal aid work better for people with mental health and addictions issues and increase access to justice.

Teaching at the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor is also a joy and a privilege. Understanding human and legal rights in the health care system
is pretty hard, but law students get it and want to make a difference.

Giving talks is also great. Like the CBA Legal Futures Conference in 2014, or making the NY Times in 2013 to advocate for some friends of mine. Woo!

The other big one lately has been building political consensus about the need to protect innocent people from discrimination. We did a lot of work with the police over the last few years, and now the government is introducing legislation to make it stick. Good stuff.

Most recently I've taken a fancy to pinball, but I can't afford any of those awesome tables. And it is the spring now in Toronto anyway. So I take my 5 yr old and 2 yr old to the park and enjoy my mimosa in a thermos like the other parents.

Here's a CV while we're at it. Thanks for coming and leave me a note.